CalculatorLab is the calculator you should have on your iPad, great usability and functionality.
Features :
  • Very Easy and intuitive to use
  • Great user use experience. With a large screen and perfect keys layout, CalculatorLab is designed for relaxed and easy using.
  • With CalculatorLab you can assign values to 25 predefined variables, great for using equations over and over again with just reassigning the used variable value.
  • Lets say you wrote an expression which has a bracket but forgot to close the bracket before executing, not an issue CalculatorLab is clever enough to know that a closing bracket is missing. It will add the bracket automatically and then will execute the expression.
  • If CalculatorLab does not understand what you typed because of an error in an expression, it will warn you by meaningful error messages. That way you can pin point the error in the expression and correct it quickly.
  • CalculatorLab Saves all your commands in a history, and to access an item from history all you need to do is use the UP/DOWN arrow Keys.
  • Using CalculatorLab you can email your work with one click
  • CalculatorLab can save your work, therefore you can continue your work from where you left even if you close the app.
  • Other features include: adjustable font size, decimal places, ability to switch on/off click and error sounds, and many more...

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